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BAU DESIGN is the brainchild of Silvano Cei, an artist trained at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence who has taken part in many national and international exhibitions and who now returns with BAU DESIGN to tell a piece of his history to the international art scene. 

The Silvano’s passion for art has led to the creation of exclusive furnishing elements made of various materials such as stainless steel, Corten weathering steel, titanium and moldable resin. Both used alone or combined, these materials reveal the sense of excellence thanks to design and quality of handmade workmanship, BAU DESIGN’s distinguishing mark.

The one that is favored at formal level is personal expressiveness through which the essence of concept and the force of matter express themselves.
BAU DESIGN creates furnishing elements and furniture collections. It fuses functionality of an object with aesthetic pleasure of pure artistic expression, thereby offering art that can be used in everyday life.

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    Address: Via Alioli e Sassi 30 – 21026 Gavirate (VA) Italy

    Phone: +39 0322 9980127

    Mobile: +39 347 4210740